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Free trade or fair trade?

Arthur Beaudette
News Advertiser - Opinion
In a recent trip (the second) to China, Prime Minister Trudeau and his team had said they would talk trade and also stand firm on their position on equal rights and all the other niceities that China cares little about.
Upon returning empty handed, they declared the visit a "success". I'm not sure what qualifies as a success these days in politics, but maybe it's shaking hands and getting some photo ops.
Of course, each side of this many-sided issue will spin the visit as they choose. It was a success, it was a waste of time, it was a complete debacle. But listening to politicians at times is like listening to the adults talk in a Charlie Brown movie.
I for one, am perfectly fine with no progress being made with trade talks in China...

Read it all in tomorrows News Advertiser :-)

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